We live and work right here in Guthrie!

The Hundley's chose Guthrie to be their home when their boys, Richard and Bailey, were still in elementary school.   John, Michelle and the boys love living in this close knit community so it was only natural that they also chose Guthrie to be the home of J & m Vaping.   Adding to the services avaiable to our neighbors is our way of thanking Guthrie for welcoming us so many years ago.


John & Michelle Hundley started vaping before just about anyone knew what "vaping" was!  Through the years they have come to understand their own vaping needs and just how hard it is to find quality products from knowledgeable people.  Thats how J & M Vaping was born.  At J & M Vaping we recognize the needs of fellow vapers and we strive to make sure those needs are met!


We love our customers!

Without our loyal customers we wouldn't be here- PERIOD!  So we want to make sure you continue to enjoy shopping and "hanging out" at our store.  We truly enjoy getting to know each one of our customers personally because it helps to add to the sense of community and home we treasure here in Guthrie.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a knowlegable vaping staff to treat them like family J & M Vaping is the place!

We Vape TOO!

We vape!  So we know what most customers are looking for before they ever step foot into our store but rest assured, if we don't have what you're looking for we will find it for you!   Vaping has become more than a leisurlely passtime, for most people it's a hobby that they are serious about and for others it's become a means to QUIT SMOKING CIGARETTES, we get that!   So we promise to always try to stock up on everything you need.  Stop in and check out our selection, we know you'll be pleased!

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